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There are 7 ferry sailings per week to England from Spain on 3 different routes. The ferry routes to From Spain sail from Bilbao or Santander: Santander to Plymouth - once a week, Bilbao to Portsmouth - about 3 sailings per week, and Santander to Plymouth - about 3 sailings per week.

The most popular Spain to UK route is Bilbao to Portsmouth. Use the booking form above to do a search to compare all Spain to UK routes to find the best available prices.

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Why travel by ferry from Spain to England?

The biggest advantage of travelling to England from Spain by ferry is the ability to take your car and to also take as much luggage as you want with you. It's the ideal solution if you regularly travel to or from Spain, perhaps because you have a holiday home in Spain.

If you stay in Spain or England for a few weeks, the expense of hiring a car can be higher than the cost of taking the ferry in the first place. Plus, you have the added advantage of driving a vehicle you are familiar with when you arrive.

Taking the ferry is also a far more relaxing experience when compared to driving up through France and then crossing the channel. And also when you factor in petrol costs and often the cost of staying in a hotel overnight, it often also ends up cheaper to take the ferry directly.

Taking your pet on the ferry to the UK from Spain

The other great advantage of taking the ferry from Spain to the UK is the ease with which you can take a pet. And it can also be considerably cheaper too than flying and certainly less traumatic for your best buddy compared to flying as you can visit him or her during the trip.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways of travelling with your pet, however, is to book a pet friendly cabin. These cabins are just as comfortable as normal cabins but have linoleum flooring making it easy to clear up after your pet - just in case. If you want a pet friendly cabin, just book it as you would do a normal cabin when making your booking.

For more information on travelling with your pet, visit:

Onboard your Spain to England ferry

The ferries used on routes from Spain to the UK are cruise ferries. These large vessels are stable even in rough seas and offer a cruise ship like experience for your crossing - meaning that you will never be bored and you will arrive in Spain feeling relaxed. This isn't always the case if you drive to Spain through France.

The ships will offer both a self service and a la carte restaurant as well as a café and bar. In the hotter months some ships will also provide a swimming pool. There is also free WiFi for the duration of your travel and many crossings also offer live entertainment in the evening.

You will find a variety of cabins to choose from at a variety of price points - if you want to spoil yourself you can or if you think you'll spend most of your time outside of your cabin you can opt for an interior cabin without a view. You're sure to get a good night's rest whatever you choose.

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