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The port of Tangier Ville is located in the city of Tangier at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The port focuses on passenger traffic since 2008 with the launch of the port of Tanger Med. Ferries from Tanger Ville go to Spain and are operated by FRS and Inter Shipping ferries. Below, you can find a list of all ferry departures and a selection of our best prices.

  • Tanger Ville Ferries
  • Tanger Ville Ferries
  • Tanger Ville Ferries

The port facilities are basic, but being in the city you will not have problems to find restaurants, shops, etc. From the port of Tangier, you can go to the city centre on foot or by taxi. The port offers a parking where to leave your car and also in the city there are long-term parkings.

The disembark of the ferry in Tangier can be a little slow because the queues caused by the passport control and customs. Make sure that your Passport has been stamped (and your boarding card has been collected) on board of the ferry. After customs procedures, you will arrive at the terminal, where there is a branch of the Banque Populaire which sells dirhams and accepts currencies from most of the countries.

How to get there

There are buses from many cities that arrive at the Gare Routière (bus station), there are buses from Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech and more; some of those go up to the entrance of the harbor, passing through the Gare Routière.

By car from to Tangier there are 240 km across the N-6. From Casablanca, the distance is 330 km by taking the roads A5, A6 and A1.

About Tanger Ville

Tangier is a major city in north-western Morocco and has been a strategic gateway between Africa and Europe for centuries. The Port of Tanger Ville is located at the entry of the Strait of Gibraltar in the most western part of the city. From 2008 most of the traffic at the Port of Tangier was progressively transferred to the newer port of Tanger Med, freeing Tanger Ville of all cargo traffic and letting it focus purely on passenger boats and pleasure craft.

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